Aline, 22, Нижний Новгород

Aline, 22

Нижний Новгород
Виктория, 20, Санкт-Петербург

Виктория, 20

Диана, 32, Москва

Диана, 32

Джессика, 21, Уфа

Джессика, 21

Соня, 21, Москва

Соня, 21

Альбина, 18, Москва

Альбина, 18

Мирослава, 18, Мінск

Мирослава, 18

Брюнетка, 31, Москва

Брюнетка, 31

Любовь, 20, Омск

Любовь, 20

Екатерина, 18, Екатеринбург

Екатерина, 18

Мира, 24, Москва

Мира, 24

ЮляСаша, 26, Москва

ЮляСаша, 26


Your Metresse

Do you remember how it all began? Business, partners, status. The first successful deals, the thrill of victories and the confidence that you can fly. You are the master of life. You are a self-made man. They say that you're lucky and that the Fortuna caresses you. But you know all your fortunes. There were so multiple that you lost their count and didn't even try to catch the names. When one goes just after another at a speed of PORSCHE, it really doesn’t matter.

But once it has suddenly become important to know just one name. One that will make the heart beat faster and count the hours before the meeting. Genuine. Made for you. Are you ready to see her? She is here.

James Ivanov, 41, Краснодар

James Ivanov, 41

был недавно
Адам, 38, Паттайя

Адам, 38

Максим, 50, Москва

Максим, 50

Александр, 34, Севастополь

Александр, 34

Артем, 43, Москва

Артем, 43

Андрей, 32, Нижний Новгород

Андрей, 32

Нижний Новгород

Become a Metresse

Imagine for a moment that all your dreams came true. You travel around the world, drive an expensive car, wear stylish clothes and buy luxury cosmetics. Your perfume is elegant, every week you go to SPA-saloons where everybody knows your name and treat you as a dear guest. All of those who knew you before, can't hide their admiration, what a different person you have become. – What happened? – they get curious, and you just smile. They think it's love. And they are right. You won't tell them this is not that kind of love. Man, yes. Harmony in relationships, right. Amazing sex, of course. But that's not the point. You found a completely different love. One that does not betray, does not pass and does not require anything in return. You met the love for yourself.

And now let's go back. What do you see? How far is your reality from a dream? You may dress on sales, go by bus and rent a cheap apartment for two on the outskirts. Maybe your only travel is from home to work, and your feet were not pedicured for so long that you have to hide them in closed shoes? And perhaps it happened that the broken phone screen you covered with the palm and the antiperspirant was your only perfume?

Of course, all this may not be about you, but don't you want a truly beautiful life for yourself? Where you're a Queen and get everything you want.

And you know what, now you are in one step away from your dreams. Just lend your hand and let it come into your life.

Metressa desire

Metressa desire

One phone call to a meeting and one SMS for a dating. Night makes feelings to be born and morning takes them away. While arms are burnt by the body, time get to own the breath.
Metressa reality

Metressa reality

Here you come alone and stay in pair. No limits and any restrictions. Do what you want, because everything is allowed.
Metressa dream

Metressa dream

All you need is to take a look and you will immediately know who you are dealing with. Your interest is only the best. You value your time, so you will share it only with the worthy.
Metressa passion

Metressa passion

She doesn’t hide her desire and doesn’t ask unnecessary questions. Sensuality and non boundaries – that's her cover when she's wearing nothing.